Our Mission is to Give You Access to Fresh, High Quality Herbs Delivered Monthly and Within a Day of Picking

We're supporting local US farmers

Meet Lewis, one of our local farmers and the gentleman behind the family operated Rolling Meadow Farms. Every year, small-scale farmers like Lewis throw away truckloads of beautifully grown herbs due to a lack of sales opportunities. These herbs are high-quality and fresh. There’s nothing wrong with them, but with nobody to buy them they end up as compost or trash. 

 Lewis Draughn, Rolling Meadow Farms

That’s where we step in. It’s our mission to partner with these small-scale farmers and provide them with a viable sales outlet. In addition to raising our own herbs, Herbly will source the finest herbs available from small-scale farmers like Lewis from across the US. Our efforts will directly combat crop waste and provide small-scale farmers with a second chance for success.  

Herbly founder, Devyn Green and Lewis Draughn, Rolling Meadow Farms

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